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Angola = a beloved country

My idea of this country was far surpassed by reality. Although I knew what to expect from films and lectures, I was still overwhelmed. Overwhelmed not only in a positive sense by the incredible kindness and affection of the children but above all by the stark contrasts of rich and poor.
Villas next to tin huts, and the great garbage problem, the presence of the military on the streets and their constant checks created a frightening feeling. But the work with the school children was again very fulfilling. Their willingness and joy to learn were great. It was nice to see how happy they were about the colourful paper and the simple handicraft ideas.
I remember a particularly sad moment. On one Saturday the registered school children of different schools were invited to the oratory. They all got a meal in the afternoon. While we ate with the school children, some outside children, who did not belong to any school, gathered around us. With hungry eyes they stared at our food and we couldn't give them anything.
Only through this situation, I realized what it means not to be on the sunny side of life. I can only recommend a voluntary service, even if it is only for one month because it expands the heart and the horizon tremendously.

Klara Perne, 2016