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Our mission and vision

Our mission:

Together with young people, we work in the spirit of Don Bosco for justice in our society and support educational and development projects in Angola, Mozambique, and Ethiopia.

Already in 1996, we recognized the great need for help and the immense importance of the educational work of the Don Bosco Sisters and the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) for children and young people in Angola. We especially invite young people to contribute to better living conditions in Angola within their possibilities and abilities. We hope that children and young people in Angola (and other countries) will be able to decide independently about their future and take responsibility for their lives. In Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia, we support development and education projects, as education and studying empower children and young people and their abilities in their personal development.

With our work, we strengthen the awareness for Christian solidarity, global solidarity and social responsibility. Through projects and charitable activities, we strengthen the identity of our association and inform about the crucial conditions in Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Our vision:

We would like to become one of the leading youth aid organisations in Carinthia. We are implementing this vision by strengthening existing projects and developing new forms of sustainable international activities.

Our goals:

  •   Our association activities will be present at all bilingual educational institutions in Carinthia.
  •    Every high school graduate in Carinthia will know about the association's activities and about the possibility of voluntary work in Africa.
  •    We will become active in Slovenia and other European countries.
  •    The project administration in Angola will be independent and professional.

Our core values:

We stand for justice and dignity.

We promote community and friendship.

We build on initiative and willingness to help.

We rely on trust and transparency.

We rely on Christian solidarity and humanity.