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Become a member

We invite you to join the IniciativAngola Association and to get involved in its activities according to your possibilities.

You can become an ordinary member or an associate member.

Ordinary and associate members:

  • are regularly informed about the activities of the association
  • are invited to actively participate in the association according to their own wishes, inclinations, knowledge, and abilities.
  • can be elected to the bodies of the association (e.g. the board)
  • can be qualified for the activities of the association
  • are informed about the program and business conduct of the association
  • are invited to the Annual General Meeting
  • accompany the development of projects in the mission centers
  • support the association by donating money, attending events, prayers, etc.
  • get 5% discount on their purchases in certain shops upon presentation of the IA membership card

Only ordinary members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and have the active and passive right to vote. They support the work of the association with an annual membership fee of 12 €.

Become a member