Image: Slika k prispevku: Just relax, take it easy! - ESE (EN)
Slika: Azra

Just relax, take it easy! - ESE (EN)

I always saw ESC as a great opportunity to experience living and working in a foreign country. That is why when I got the opportunity to be a part of this experience I was blessed.

The first month was confusing because I didn’t know what my specific responsibilities were. Also, that month we traveled to Italy so it all looked like I was on a vacation. Upon my return, I got a clearer picture of tasks, as well as future events.
Language barriers were not a big problem, as I know both languages a bit, but being surrounded by multilingual people was a great joy.
I have to admit it wasn’t easy at first. There were many obstacles, but most of them I imposed on myself. However, from all the situations, I learned day by day about myself and how to improve my life and my working abilities. One of the biggest situations I have had to learn to deal with is that I can’t always be ready and I can’t have everything under control.

2020 will be my year!

How many of us have started this year super excited, not knowing what we are going to experience? All the travel, the events that were supposed to take place looked too perfect to be real.
In February, I „caught“ telling my mother that I shouldn‘t talk too much so that I wouldn‘t „curse“. And then came March
and Coronavirus, which cut my experience of living in Austria in half. I’m not a person who likes to leave things halfway, so this was an extra punch that taught me a lot. I am aware of some, but I am sure that for many others only after this situation will we all conclude something.

From this experience, I take out endless new life lessons. I had ups and downs, which is a necessity in my opinion. One thing is sure, I will never forget this experience and how it has been influencing my life. And for future volunteers I would give
special advice: Just relax, take it easy!

Azra Memišević, 2019 - 2020

Image: Slika k prispevku: Just relax, take it easy! - ESE (EN)
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