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About us

IniciativAngola is a global youth aid organisation (NGO), which was founded in 2004 in St. Primus in Austria. The main goal of the association is national and international youth aid together with sustainable development assistance.

Throughout its activities and projects, the association is raising the sense of solidarity and responsibility at young people for their peers in Africa (Angola, Ethiopia and Mozambique). IniciativAngola gives youngsters an opportunity to participate actively in the community awareness by letting them organize beneficiary events or other projects, according to their interests and talents.

These activities include sport events, tombola, concerts, workshops, voluntary work and seminars on different topics (poverty, solidarity, development assistance, sustainable way of life, Fairtrade, youth work, teamwork, spirituality etc.). With this projects and activities, we support our project partners in Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia, which means we support directly schools and kindergartens, school libraries, teachers, boarding school, micro-enterprise work, alphabetisation projects etc. Nevertheless, our main projects are educational and sustainable development projects in Angola, but in last few years we were opening funding possibilities also for the projects in Ethiopia and Mozambique.

The organisation is guided by Christian values and supports fair investments. IniciativAngola would also like to contribute to the development of the whole of humanity towards a brotherly community.

The objective is a life of fullness for everyone. This includes having life’s essentials available, freedom from oppression, understanding and knowledge of dignity and life’s objectives together with skills and freedom of organising your own life and participating in the community.

IniciativAngola has two offices in our province, two employees and around 150 voluntary helpers. There are more than 300 young members and 14 board members who through the voluntary work contribute to the realisation of the goals of the association.

The Board is responsible for the areas of fundraising, use of donations and data protection.