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European projects

Erasmus+ Youth in Action KA1: Youth exchange

Youth Exchange is a very important part of our work! Within the framework of the EU programme Erasmus+ Youth in Action, we organise meetings of young people from different European countries. Youth Exchanges provide young people with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes while learning about each others' countries and cultures.

We work together with various international organisations from the EU and our neighboring countries. All costs are covered by Erasmus+.


In the last years the following Youth Exchanges were realized:

  • Youth.Poverty.Over (2013)

Young people - aged between 14 and 18 - from Slovenia, Serbia (Vojvodina) and Austria came together at the youth centre Rechberg I Rebrca for a joint intercultural exchange. During the 8 days, the different situations of the young people in the individual countries were highlighted and presented by the participants themselves. In the expert lectures (e.g. AMS, Caritas), workshops, discussion rounds and excursions (Klagenfurt) young people dealt with the causes and facets of "poverty", in particular with the topic "youth unemployment". Implementable solutions were developed which encouraged the participants to take concrete steps in their countries to combat poverty in the sense of "solidarity" and active citizenship. Sports and cultural activities were also included, which also underscored solidarity.
The participants created a video with the title Solidarity is ...

  • We feel Europe (2014)

Young people from the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Slovenia and Austria have taken part in various seminars on the theme: "Being young in Europe".  Besides, the program was enriched with some creative workshops, they made origami, candles, wallets out of the carton packages and painted the flag. Young participants made a brochure and created an interesting short film.

  • Reuse is our future (2015)

40 young people (14-18 years) came together with their companions from the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro and Austria. In one week they got to know the situation of the young people in the individual countries and in workshops, lectures, discussions and excursions they examined alarming ecological problems, which have massive effects on our everyday life. In addition, concrete possibilities for reuse were developed and demonstrated. Young people were taught about the problem of consumption, overuse of natural resources, food waste and climate change, and they were sensitized to these issues. The Youth Exchange also showed the various forms of solidarity and their importance in today's social situation and encouraged young people to understand each other. Video about the youth exchange.

  • Diversity invigorates everyone (2016)

Six countries took part in this youth exchange: Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interesting workshops were organised on the topics of diversity, global connectedness, solidarity and intergenerational learning. The young people also dealt with stereotypes and prejudices that are often encountered in society. A short video was also made.

  • Coexist – Religious and intercultural dialogue (2017)

The young people got to know different religions, traditions and rituals. They visited various institutions and buildings related to religion and belief. In workshops, cultural differences and their meaning for the community and the mutual (global) solidarity were pointed out. ORF Report

  • NewDirection: #include #respect #experience #dignity (2018)

60 youths and 9 mentors from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal dealt with the challenges of current social developments and with people at the margins of society. Guests shared their life stories and their experiences of migration and asylum. In these encounters as well as through lectures, discussions and workshops (e.g. on the subject of Roma and Jews in Austria), the young people were given very personal access to experiences that had and still have a formative impact on the course of their lives.
The evening program was marked by cultural diversity. The individual nations organized the activities including short presentations about their own country, games, dances and music.

  • Coexist 2.0 (2019)

»Our differences are smaller than our similarities.«

Coexist 2.0 took place from 29 April to 5 May 2019 in Tanzenberg, an interesting international meeting of around 40 young people from Serbia, Bosnia/Herzegovina and Austria. The theme of the week was CoExist or interreligious dialogue. The participants got to know the basics of all participating religions: Islam, the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Through various workshops and conversations, acceptance was taught and prejudices were overcome. In spite of the varied program and the serious topic, unforgettable friendships were made in their free time, for example, playing cards. Proof that "coexisting" is possible when we are open to the "differences".

  • #seeTheHuman (2019)

60 youths from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal and 9 mentors dealt with the challenges of the current social developments and with different expressions of extremism. In the workshops on "Internationality and Dialogue", "Religious Extremism", discussion rounds and encounters with guests who told their life stories and asylum experiences, the young people were given very personal access to experiences that had and still have a formative impact on the course of each individual life.
The program of the individual day was also marked by the so-called Olympic Games. In addition, young people got to know St. Primus and its surroundings (e.g. Grabelsdorf with the Filialkirche St. Daniel, Kitzelberg, Klopeiner See, Turner See), visited the capital Klagenfurt and its traces of extremism, the Stadthauptpfarrkirche St. Egid with the Fuchskapelle. They actively participated in the event "Kick & Rock for Africa" and encouraged other guests to dance Zumba.
With many beautiful experiences of cultural diversity, intercultural and religious dialogue and the shared experience of values, freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, this youth encounter in St. Primus came to an end and will certainly continue to have an effect on the individual young people.

European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

IniciativAngola's volunteer programmes are implemented with the help of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). This EU initiative creates opportunities for young people aged between 18 and 30 to participate in voluntary or employment projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people across Europe. The programmes are funded by the European Union and there are no costs for the participants.

Prior to this, young people from Europe participated in the Erasmus+ Youth in Action - European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteering programme. Here you can find some testimonials.

If you are interested in volunteering at IniciativAngola, send your CV and letter of motivation to After registering, you will receive instructions on how to proceed and learn more about the opportunities for volunteering at IniciativAngola.

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