With microcredits, we primarily support women who already have a business plan but do not have sufficient financial resources to implement it. Women in Angola still have very few opportunities. This kind of support helps them and their children to break the vicious circle of poverty and hunger.

The loan applicants receive a loan for a certain period of time for a business project. The business project is accompanied by the responsible sister Lorella Figini prior to the granting of the loan and during the course of the project until completion. The loan applicants have several interviews with the sister responsible for the project before the loan is approved. After the loan is granted, close contact is maintained with the beneficiaries in order to ensure the appropriate use of the funds. The beneficiaries have to prepare several reports on the course of the project. They are also obliged to participate in workshops on economic ownership and the management of money, health, hygiene, reproductive rights, innovation, and human rights. Finally, the sister in charge of the project reviews the course of the project together with the beneficiary, a balance sheet is drawn up and an economic and work plan for the further, now independent management of the company is drawn up jointly.

IniciativAngola provides 2,000 euros each year for microcredits, this sum is to be increased to 10,000 euros in the future.

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In this video, you can see some examples of projects that have changed people's lives.