We are looking for…

We are looking for one motivated, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative and reliable volunteer, who has the opportunity to learn Slovenian and German language, to practise English, to live in a different environment as (s)he used to while acquiring new skills, knowledge and competences in the field of non- and informal learning process. Volunteer should be open for cultural differences, flexible, willing to learn spontaneously and at least respect Catholic values even (s)he is not a member of the Church. We would like to host the volunteer, who has social and communicative abilities (communicative openness, active listening etc.) and empathy. We give a priority to those candidates with the skills to develop the project in a better way, with orientation to help each other, with experience in working with young people and with other skills that can be useful for voluntary activities, e. g. crafts, music and sports.
We also recommend that our EVS volunteer has a driving licence (category B) and computer skills (basic command of Microsoft office tools, Prezi and Adobe Reader and knowledge of using internet).
With our project we offer our EVS volunteer the possibilities of non-formal, experimental and global learning. We want to show young people, that they have very important role in the field of critical thinking about current global issues, creating their own space for talking about their ideas and as much as possible to realise them at local, national and international level.