Your tasks are… :)

The main activities inside of our office are:
- planning and coordinating different events (concerts, tombola, football tournament, workshops for children/teenagers/refugees/the elderly …),
- helping out with youth camp (planning activities),
- making different products from recycled materials (candles, bracelets, paper bags, products from African fabric ...),
- arranging our website and facebook site,
- writing articles for different newspapers houses, having a contact with a local radio house,
- archiving documents, newspaper articles, promotion materials etc.,
- suggesting and with our support realising your own ideas;

Our SETTLED PROJECTS (the most of all are running in Klagenfurt and its vicinity) in which you are involved:
a) Mission's Tombola in November: creating and developing the event, looking for donators and sponsors and collecting prizes (e.g. local products) from the local people;
b) Tussangana (children's concert for the kids from Angola) in December: creating and developing the event, selling fair trade products at the concert;
c) Our song for Angola (children's concert for their peers from Angola) in January: creating and developing the event;
d) Concert for Angola (the youngsters from the Youth Center Point organise the rock concert) in January: our volunteer is welcome to co-operate with the youngsters from Klagenfurt and its vicinity, helping them out with looking for donators, advertising concert for example at local radio station, selling the tickets and everything else what is needed to make an event successful;
e) Don Bosco Feast in February: creating an event with refugees and the youngsters, organizing table soccer tournament;
f) Youth camp in June and July: helping out with creating and developing program;
f) Kick&Rock for Angola (beneficial rock concert and soccer cup tournament) in July: helping out with creating activities for this event and looking for sponsors;

During all these events we encourage our volunteer/-s to be creative with his/her own ideas, to help us out with planning the events, to provide our activities with technical support and to be active as photographers and after project, that they write an article about the event and publish it in the local newspapers and on our web- and facebook page.

For each project we set up a project group and divide the tasks and responsibilities. That group of interested people has the meetings on a weekly basis. In that working process we regularly evaluate the work and plan the further steps to achieve project's goals. Each project includes mentorship and supervision.
We encourage our volunteers to take action and co-operate wherever and as much as possible in the all of projects. Our EVS volunteer is encouraged to organize his/her own project as well. We support him/her with all needed informations, kits, social network etc. Our vision is that our EVS volunteer co-operate with other volunteers within IniciativAngola. They can develop together the projects about social justice, human rights, diversity, marginal existence etc.


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