Description of our EVS project

IniciativAngola puts a lot of efforts into the support of intercultural ability of young people. Living in Europe together with many different cultures, languages, history facts ..., means being able to accept and supply other person´s way of living and thinking. The members of our non-profit organisation are enthusiastic about providing children, teenagers and others with stability, social and intercultural abilities and competences. Every year we lead young people to Angola (with this year we started to support the other African countries as well) in order to show them different way of living, to support them by coordinating activities for their peers there, to help them by achieving a sense for social, solidary and intercultural responsibility and to clear their role in this world. The whole process happens in the safe and supporting working environment. This process we divide into three stages: a) preparation, b) running the project and c) evaluation and application new competences and perspectives, which volunteers bring back home. Volunteering abroad is a way of doing something different for a while and an excellent opportunity to work in a way that is structured, sustainable and beneficial to everyone involved.

Objectives of our EVS project:
- volunteer experiences working in a team and evaluate his/her own role within it,
- volunteer will be encouraged to the learning of a foreign language (German, Slovenian),
- volunteer develops the ability to interact with people of different languages and cultures,
- volunteer explores his/her own stereotypes and prejudice and to get knowledge how to manage with them,
- volunteer understands how identities and cultures form are expressed, variable and connected,
- volunteer understands concept of community and connections between local and global community,
- volunteer is aware of the global co-dependence in the fields of climate changes, polution, sustainable way of life, social justice and co-dependence between people from the Global North and from the ones from the Global South,
- volunteer experiences implementing social action and promoting participation and solidarity,
- volunteer understands active citizenship and try to live as an active citizen;

Our project is a mixture of different activities which are reciprocally connected.
Working at our office could improve volunteer's problem solving skills, teamwork skills, creativity and flexibility. (S)he will helping us out to create different activities for the youth, the elderly, refugees and asylum seekers. Within this work (s)he can improve her/his creativity and is being ready to manage with his/her own stereotypes and prejudice. Our future volunteer will through the planning and running activities improve his/her critical thinking, develope intercultural awareness and assertiveness.

In the field of sustainable way of life our volunteer will be included in the field of global learning where (s)he will get more informations about current global issues, connected with sustainable consumerism, sustainable development, global good production etc. (S)he will be researching his/her own role in this world and relate to these topics and beside this critical thinking of possible solutions for a better, more sustainable life. Through these activities our future volunteer will develop his/her language skills and intercultural communication within intercultural environment, creativity, improve his/her public performance and teamwork skills.