Bom dia!

Sam, 15. Juli 2017

Bom dia!

My name is Chiara. I’m here in Africa, Mozambique with the other three girls from Slovenia - Anja, Larissa and Mojca. On the picture, you can also see Hanzej, Sister Karla (Paula) and Zvonka. Karla is already 100 years old and when we took this picture, she said: “Mama Mia” and everyone start laughing. We arrived here in Namaacha on the 9th July and we`ll stay until the 8th August. The food here is healthy, because they have their own garden and on the trees they have bananas, oranges, papaya, avocado, mango, lemons and we also get warm food every day, for example soup, rice, chicken. Sometimes we get fish, potatoes, eggs and every day they have salad with tomatoes, bread and so on. For breakfast, we have tea, coffee with powder milk and bread with butter and papaya jelly. Every day we pray with Hanzej and the kids, that it`ll rain, because sometimes they don`t have water to take a shower or to wash themselves. The girls here take a shower with cold water. It`s normal for them, when the energy in the house fall out, so they are already prepared. On the 14th July the school in Namaacha was over, now they have two weeks long oratory, then the girls going home, to the parents or grandmas, grandpas, uncle or aunts. For this two weeks, we brought materials, that we`ll teach them Portuguese, we also have games, colours and music. We`ll also do free activities with them, like playing soccer, basketball, drawing, doing neckless with them, dance and teach them English, physics, mathematics and chemistry. For Hanzej the adventure ends in Maputo on the 21th July, but he´ll go to Angola to Urska and Tanja.
I´m glad that I can be a part of this adventure and for the new experience in this month.

Chiara Kordesch

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