Many children in Africa do not have the opportunity to attend school lessons. As a godfather you have the chance to improve the life of one or several children.

If you decide to be a godparent, you

  • will get a photo, the name and the date of birth of the child
  • will get information about the living conditions of the child, the school which he visits
  • will have to pay 21 € a month or 250 € a year

You will thus enable a child to

  • attend a school of the Don Bosco sisters
  • get all the necessary supplements for the school year
  • be accompanied and supported in thoughts and prayers

A Godparent-ship lasts one year. School in Angola begins in February and ends in November. After every academic year the Godparent-ship can be either extended or cancelled.

In 2015 the association IniciativAngola supported 65 children with the help of godfathers.

IA can assist you

in case you want to send a letter or a photo to the child. As direct mail is not possible, letters will be forwarded by volunteers travelling to Angola or nuns, who spend their holidays in Rome and then return to Angola.