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About my staying in Austria

von Krista Mödritscher - Fre, 14. Dezember 2018

So the months have just flown by. Not so long time ago I was still packing a lot of things in the back of our car and I was searching for some cold place where I can rest from the heat for a bit.

And now I am already here full of new experiences, skills, new friends and new knowledge baking cookies for Saint Nicolas.
The first months were difficult for me. I needed to adjust to the new working environment, home, language and the new country and their culture.
One of my fears before I came here was also about my social life. The big challenge is how to make a circle of friends in the place where you do not know anybody. How to find people who would support you and be there for you when you would be feeling lonely and down. I have to say that I have been lucky with my organization because they introduced me to many people with who I become a friend. And I am very thankful to my organization because they let me be a part of their community.

I go to the office every day but here I have every time something else to do. This really suits me because I am that kind of person who always like to try new thing. Through my work here I have learned how to make some craft things - for example: candles, advent wreaths, Christmas cards, sewing (just a bit) but also how to be flexible and how to help on different events. I have to say that I really like my working environment because people here are really nice. What I really like it is that they always take time for the talk and tea. They are all hard working but they value the time spent with the coworkers so because of the small things like a short talks, questions how am I, smiles or hugs that made me feel really welcome and important here.

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About my staying in Austria About my staying in Austria About my staying in Austria

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