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#1 month - 1 big challenge

von Krista Mödritscher - Die, 20. November 2018

My first month in Austria

The first month of my EVS in Austria was a huge challenge, because I can’t speak the language of the country and it is difficult to communicate with the people, especially because people talk German and Slovenian. At the same time, I’m really integrated in the community where I work and connected with the people who help with the projects of the organization. 

I didn’t have many expectations about my voluntary service and my staying in Austria. So, now I can say that I’m really amazed by the country, by people I work with and also by the view I see every day on my way to work.

I really appreciate the working opportunities in my voluntary period and I appreciate to get to know people and places around the city – that’s why I ‘m feeling like home!

Carolina Figueiredo (Portugal)