Goals and history


To ensure the success of the life of any young individual, they need a home, education and a person who has time for them. The youth organization IniciativAngola together with the  Salesians of Don Bosco in Austria would like to contribute to this issue by showing solidarity and developing work in Austria with the purpose of raising a sense of responsibility which results from Christian entity towards every individual and community.
Currently, the members and the sponsors of the association support 11 education, health, and social projects in Angola.
All the donations go to 100% to the projects in Angola.

The Vision

Every person has the right to basic medical care and a sufficient education which is the basis for a better future.

History of the association

In 1996 the projects of solidarity started to spread in Angola.

  • Sweepstakes, voluntary work and summer working action „ Help by Work” took place.
  • The first board of directors of IniciativAngola was appoionted on 9th September 2004.
  • The board of directors is elected every two years and they meet 4 times a year.
  • All donations and revenues of IniciativAngola are transferred 100% to social projects in Angola.
  • Since 2007 the association IniciativAngola has obtained the Spendengütesiegel, which confirms its conscientious work with all donations.
  • In 2010 the association had a total of 200 members.

Our goals

  • Support educational and health projects in Angola
  • Raise awareness of the misery at home and abroad
  • Educating young people in terms of development policies
  • Promote integration in Carinthia


Goals and history (1) Goals and history (1) Goals and history (1) Goals and history (1) Goals and history (1)