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How good it’s to be here

von Krista Mödritscher - Fre, 10. Mai 2019

In the past seven months, I haveacquired so many experiences that I cannot explain how good this time was for me! I had the opportunity to help in different projects that connected people of different nationalities and religions. 

On the 8th May I had my first workshop about the "Fair Wear" that I presented to the students of Slovenska Gimnasija. The students in the class were between 16 and 17 years old.

In the begining I was a little bit anxious and nervous, but then I started to talking and everything went good. The group was really interested and motivated for the topic, they asked a lot of questions and sheard some fears about this problematic in our days     

I am always extremely curious about the life in other countries and now I have the opportunity to ask, share and join in the conversations about different traditions.
IniciativAngola organized Erasmus+ youth exchange and it was such an amazing experience to be with young people, but this time not as a participant...I was on the other side as I am usually: I was helping the organization It was so interesting for me to be with young people with open mind, without problems or racism.
The project was about the interreligious dialogue between three religions: Islam, Orthodox and Catholic Christianity.
We were talking and discussing a lot in order to know each other better.
We found out that there are no differences between us.  We allbelieve in one God, just the traditions aredifferent.
I was talking to the participants without thinking about the difference in our age; I was feeling,as I would be talking topeopleof my age.
It was one experiences I will never forget.






Coexist 2.0

Die, 07. Mai 2019

From the 28th April to the 5th May 2019 we had our Erasmus+ youth exchange in Tanzenberg in Carinthia.
One week of sharing different cultures and traditions of religions. At the youth exchange participated three countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
We were talking about religions and their symbols, exchanging our experiences, opinions and asking questions about different traditions.

Photos by: Rafael Mistelbaue




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