otroški dan

Die, 04. Juni 2019

otroški dan

On the 30th May 2019 IniciativAngola was participating with an African workshop at Otroski dan in Pliberk-Bleiburg.

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How good it’s to be here

von Krista Mödritscher - Fre, 10. Mai 2019

In the past seven months, I haveacquired so many experiences that I cannot explain how good this time was for me! I had the opportunity to help in different projects that connected people of different nationalities and religions. 

On the 8th May I had my first workshop about the "Fair Wear" that I presented to the students of Slovenska Gimnasija. The students in the class were between 16 and 17 years old.



Reiches Land - Armes Land: Einmal quer durch Angola!

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